Interview with NAU Psychology instructor, Tom Filsinger. He teaches the creative process and what it means to be the best person that we can be for the world. He shares his influence of creativity from a pop culture legend. Shot, edited and reported by Corderro McMurry (Aired March 2019).


Student Film Festival at Northern Arizona University. Produced, shot, and hosted by Corderro McMurry aired ( October 2019).



Interview with Sun Entertainment Events coordinator about the organization. Shot & edited by reporter Corderro McMurry (Aired September 2018).



A story shot, written, and edited by Corderro McMurry about how NAU is encouraging more boys to do ballet. ( Aired August 2018).



NAU honors its annual hip-hop week to teach students about the culture. Edited, written, and shot by Corderro McMurry. ( Aired March 2018).



The Rocky Mountain student Emmy’s. Anchor Intro’d and reported by Corderro McMurry (Aired October 2016).













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