News Demo Reel

Demo Reel of News content at NAU-TV. Corderro McMurry as news anchor for NAZ-Today (BEA Award winning newscast) (2017), stand ups for NAU-TV as a host (2019).



New food robots have taken over Northern Arizona University. Multimedia journalist, Corderro McMurry gives you the Starship food delivery robots (Aired April 2019).



Welcome to NAU’s summer bug camp. Reported, hosted, written and shot by Corderro McMurry (Aired October 2018).



NAU Graduate student does research on how to solve back pain using a special technique. Shot, written, and edited by Corderro McMurry. (Aired August 2018).


NAU ranks number 1 in social media engagement. Edited, shot, and written by Corderro McMurry. (Aired October 2017).


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